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Dyma albym ddiweddaraf MC Mabon ers rhyddhau Jonez Williamz yn 2007/2008 a'r ail albym Saesneg i MC Mabon ei ryddhau. Y perfformwyr yn y band pedwar dyn yw Mr Huw Owen , Andrew Taylor, Gethin Jones a Gruff Meredith. Hefyd yn ymddangos mae’r brodor o Gaerdydd Johnny Burgess (Keltech & Johnny b ) sydd yn ymddangos fel gwestal arbennig ar y trac ‘Black plumes of smoke’. Hwyl diniwed cefn gwlad efo hint o lemons. Wyth can / 16 munud. Prynwch hi am ddim mwy na £5.99 o'r holl brif siopau arlein.

This is a new album by MC Mabon, put out into the overcrowded world soup of exponential waffle, environmental and planetary calamities, pointless violence, clips of cats and views of random hotel balconies from around the world. This 16 minute 8 track album was recorded and produced in Cardiff and is available to buy from all good online shops for no more than £5.99. It is the most recent MC Mabon album since the release of the Jonez Williamz album in 2007/2008 and is MC Mabon's second English language album. The four man band includes Mr Huw Owen, Andrew Taylor, Gethin Jones and Gruff Meredith. Special guests include Cardiff lyricist Johnny Burgess (from Keltech & Johnny b fame) on the track ‘Black plumes of smoke’.

"BIN TAX"...

She was scratching her card while the man lay dying \ Insects are always trying \ There's rules rules and regulations \ The nano machines can invade your dreams \ Biometrics kinetics camel toes \ Eco fatwa on the nose \ Truth serum in the dark \ Higgs bosson jump the shark \ Can cun daxus VAT \ Global plunge can't you see \ Bubblies cookies ringtone apps \ Pop ups top ups strap on waps \ Zips rips caches rar's \ Virus carried bacterias \ I want things things things to click on \ People not so lucky that i can pick on \ I don't wonna wake up with money on the mind \ But the planets and the stars just aren't aligned Falling fish stocks postcode gangs \ Cannon fodder also rans \ Sat nav mouse poo who can tell what is true \ Spycams iris scans and traffic jams \ Can't stop and stare cos there's a camera there

Bin bugs bin tax secret pacts \ Call waiting badger baiting \ Save your skin and roll up your sleeve \ Come straight back in roll em down and leave \ Roll em up roll em down and roll around \ Satellites in space cables under the sea \ Radar disturbs where the fish want to be

Watch your pitch nail it make it flow \ Check your head and try and work out what you know \ Welsh black Welsh gold we won't be told \ These are great times for this nation This is a power point presentation \ Honeybees fibre optics motion control \ Enriched uranium blue tongue, um \ Exponential online choice \ Paralysis of our voice \ Spray on tan no attention span \ Clear thought is near nought \ And what's the context that's the thing \ Can you propose with an onion ring? \ Such a farce, i'm gonna google your arse

1. The futility and the greatness
2. Black plumes of smoke
3. Brb rsi
4. Something to do with the light
5. Fucking beauty
6. Health and safety
7. Bin tax
8. Volcanoes

Rhyddhawyd / Released Sept. 2011, Tarw Du


country of origin wales/cymru tarw dushop

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